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From the creators of Datebox, comes the show Better Together, where each week relationship experts, industry leaders, celebrity couples, and every day couples just like you, answer your questions about relationships, marriage, and love. Better together is for couples, by couples, because we believe relationships matter.

Founded in 2015, Datebox helps couples bring back date night. We believe consistent quality time, fun, and new experiences are key to a successful relationship or marriage. Each month we create a thoughtful, fun, and unique date night, and send you everything you need to enjoy it together. Hear more of our story here, and if you’d like to join us for date night, get $20 off your first date!

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The Guests

Better together will give you the opportunity to engage with relationship industry experts, celebrity couples, and couples with fascinating stories, just like yours. Each week we’ll have a new guest couple on the show, to answer your questions about relationships, marriage and love.

Want to get your question answered on the show? Submit a question here. Have a guest in mind that would be perfect for Better Together? Request or recommend a guest here.

The Hosts

Brett and Devon Koloymyjec

Brett and Devon were both smitten for each other while they were in high school but this wasn’t uncovered until they reconnected at a wedding years later. After about 2 years of dating & engagement, they had a wedding of their own on March 24th, 2013. In 2015, they founded Datebox to help couples invest in better quality time and consistent date nights. They both love travel, design, sports, as well any opportunity to create new memories & experiences together. They have 2 fur kids: Gideon, a King Charles Spaniel mix and Tulley, a Golden-Doodle. The four of them currently live in Oklahoma City., where Datebox is headquartered. Connect with them on social media @brettkolomyjec, @devonkolomyjec.

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